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STEP 1 - Presenting the change  - In the first phase of our innovation program we identify the signals of change and categorise them for your organisation or market. We present them in dynamic and inspiring presentations or media.

STEP 2 - Trend reports - Than we create a map that makes sense out of the complex horizons of the futures. We cross our insights with your own knowledge of your business and market, so we get to know your current frontier in thinking. We than usually have a masterclass with the board of your company to identify the next frontier. We than connect thi next frontier with the rest of the organisation. We wrap up with identifying your innavation challenges.

STEP 3 - Innovation scan - After establishing your innovation challenges, your company usually needs a structured method for generating ideas to overcome your frontier. We do a quick scan of your innovation power, to make sure that the next fase - idea generation - will be succesfull. If needed we engage your people and we install a simple innovation method and a process.

STEP 4 - Next frontier brainstorms - We facilitate brainstorms & workshops. We can choose from several methods, depending on your specific challenge. Our 5-5-5 methodology is fun and exiting and it realises ‘quick-and-dirty’ idea generation in an organisation. It works fast and it engages people. But sometimes a challenge needs a longer proces of innovation and a more strategic or open approach. Than our Theory U based workshops are more suitable.

STEP 5 Progression management - We take all ideas seriously. We use progression management to assure that selected ideas are prototyped and managed well. For this we use the Lean Innovation methodology. With your team we constantly measure and adapt your prototypes in order to learn fast and reach for the best possible results. After prototyping we build your new start-up. 


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