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Pieter Haasnoot is an experienced trend analyst and public speaker. He engages people by identifying trends in technology, science, culture and society.

Pieter's presentations are always tailored to the client and rely on a combination of constant deep trend research, stakeholder interviews, and consultation with his global network of futurist colleagues. That's why he never gives the same presentation twice, because each cliënt is different.

Engaging people is valuable, but it's usually just a start. History is littered with organisations whose failure to act and innovate has led to their downfall. Up Next is here to help you avoid that for your organisation.

Pieter and his Up Next-team have collaborated with a range of international organisations to help them explore the future and seize new opportunities. We always answer two important questions: How is the world changing? And what are your possibilities to use this fast change to contribute to a better world, and create business success at the same time?

Check out our Next Frontier Brainstorms.


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