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At any moment, there are hundreds of small signals of change all around us – developments on the fringes of technology, science, society and human behaviour– that will impact our lives in the near future. These changes are manifestations of an emerging world. So a trend is much more than the latest smartphone, app or fashion item. Fundamentally, a trend leverages our basic human needs and desires in a meaningful way. It aligns human nature with breakthrough technologies and inventions.

Our Trend Reports reveal the trends that are important for your organization in the coming years. 

The reports help your organization to be better positioned and to understand changes and proactively plan for what’s past the horizon. Rather than simply offering an overview of the trends we think will matter in the coming years, our customised trend reports take the additional step of explaining why and how these trends will impact your organization. In some cases, you will see very specific use cases and descriptive illustrations, so that you can more clearly envision the potential outcomes of these trends during the next few years.

You can use it to identify near-future business disruption and competitive threats while simultaneously finding new collaborators and partners.

And most importantly, our reports spark new ideas and opportunities to help your organization innovate and grow by creating value in the new society that is emerging.


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