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Can you think of any business topic that’s been hotter than innovation? Trouble is, at the same time it’s the business challenge where real pro­gress has been hard to come by. By now, your company probably introduced Lean Innovation, a new busi­ness incubator, hired an inner Innovation Manager, created an idea wiki, developed a disciplined process for mining customer insights, started an awards program for successful innovators, and maybe even has an outpost in Silicon Valley.

All fine ideas - and yet - most likely, your company still struggles to meet its growth goals and seldom thrills its customers. And it’s not just your company. In a McKinsey poll, 94% of the managers surveyed said they were dissatisfied with their company’s innovation performance. The gap between aspiration and accomplishment seems as big as ever. What’s the problem?

The problem is most companies do not have an integrated approach to innovation. We see numerous futurists and speakers paint an inspiring picture of the future. We see lot's of consultants spread the religion of Lean Innovation. And that's all much needed, we do it ourselves too. But after all these inspiring presentations, brainstorming sessions and lean protyping the hard part comes; making progress in delivering value from your brainstorm ideas and prototypes.

That's why Up Next  specialises in integrated innovation & progression management. We get the right tools, methods and processes in place, so your organisation really moves forward. 

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